Samsonite Suitcase

The manufacturer Samsonite is a concept and I do not think I need explain it. He is one of the leading suitcase manufacturers in the world.

What makes these Samsonite suitcases so special?

We've been selling suitcases from Samsonite for almost 10 years and we've always found that many customers do not say I'm looking for a suitcase but I need a Samsonite.

In my opinion, and also our experience, most of the cases have been made robust by this manufacturer for a longer life.

One major benefit is the availability of spare parts. Many suitcase brands produce new collections of suitcases each year, replacing older suitcase lines.

But this also means a limited availability of spare parts. Samsointe suitcases lines are of course also replaced and revised, but in most cases the availability of spare parts such as rollers or handles, at least until the expiration of the warranty period available and even beyond. Especially with the expensive Samsonite suitcases like Lite Shock, Lite Cube or Cosmolite the availability of spare parts is even possible for at least 10 years. The reason is that these cases are manufactured in Europe and there is a large spare parts warehouse.

Another advantage is the production of a patented and protected CURV material. Robust and light. Unfortunately, the airport does not deal with baggage due to very tightly calculated windows of arrival and departure times. This means your suitcase should be sturdy to withstand even a fall or direct throwing of the staff. Now another important argument is added. The weight. Airlines have reduced the weight on economy flights for several years. All Samsonite cases made from the CURV material are lightweight and durable. We can confirm this by providing information to our customers as well as handling transport damage.

Scope of Samsonite Products

The selection of Samsonite cases (carry-on, medium and large suitcase sizes), business suitcases, laptop rucksacks, Disney-themed children's bags, travel bags, handbags, school backpacks and so on, is huge.

  • Hard case
  • Carrying case
  • Travel Bags
  • Kids Suitcase by Samsonite
  • Lady Bags
  • Backpacks for business or leisure
  • Business Suitcases & Laptop Bags

    Why do not we just sell Samsonite cases online, but we also run cost-intensive suitcase business?

    The answer is simple. There are hardly any specialty shops that only specialize in suitcases. Few models, colors and sizes are still available in department stores.

    The selection of cases from Samsonite is big and so it's a good reason to be able to compare these cases, to be able to pick them up and get personalized, targeted on-site advice.

    Samsonite offers the right suitcase for every budget. Of course, the manufacturer has been producing products in Asia for years as well as other manufacturers.

    Samsonite service and warranty?

    Yes, there are of course. Anyone who owns a Samsonite suitcase also pays for a certain service. According to our experience, other suitcase manufacturers also provide this service and their products are not that high in price.

    The warranty period varies from 2 to 10 years depending on the product. The exact specification can be found in our product overview.

    Customers also told us that Samsonite sometimes ships spare parts directly to the customer. Sounds good at first, but honestly, as a loyal Samsonite customer and high prices, I expect a little more.

    That's where we come in with our combo model online shop and specialty store. We usually repair Samsonite suitcases for our customers on site. Replace handles or replace broken rolls.

    Our special service on Samsonite and other suitcases

    Maybe you've already experienced or heard it yourself. Almost all Samsonite cases have been equipped with TSA security locks.

    You will receive information here code.

    This lock can open the Customs control by a special key in order to be able to control undamaged your case.

    Now it can happen in rare cases that this combination of control or transport is dealt with a heavy blow. Now your suitcase is closed and your actual combination will not work anymore.

    We can open your lock undamaged in a short time directly in the shop. This was also one of the reasons to choose the location in the immediate vicinity of Zurich-Kloten Airport.

    Our conclusion

    Samsonite cases are expensive and the price-quality and quality is not the same in all product lines. The service and selection is very good.

    So our tip would be: If you travel a lot and are looking for a loyal travel companion, the Samsonite case would be the right choice.

    With your purchase of Samsonite Cases in our Onlineshop or directly in our Shop , you will receive the selection of product lines and give us the opportunity to further suitcases from Samsonite in our assortment.

    The background is that many suitcase lines from Samsonite are no longer available in the catalog and the manufacturer decides which partner gets them.

    You also get our location and thus your on-site service through your purchase and loyalty.