School backpack set Step by Step Space Fantasy Pegasus
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School backpack set Step by Step Space Fantasy Pegasus

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School backpack Space Step by Step Space Fantasy Pegasus

1 Ergonomic lifting and carrying aid with very soft padding
2 Removable and changeable motifs - MAGIC MAGS - consisting of high-quality 3D applications and embroidery
3 magnetic closure - easy to operate
4 Two zippered side pockets and outlet eyelets The side pockets grow outward so that there is enough space for school supplies inside the satchel. Equally packed side pockets ensure a balanced and optimal fit of the satchel.
5 Insulated, outwardly growing front pocket with outlet eyelets
6 Retroreflective elements on front and side surfaces, as well as shoulder straps. The high-quality ORALITE material ensures a high reflex performance over long distances and comes among other things. used in safety clothing of the fire brigade, police and rescue service.
7 Stable waterproof base plate for protection against dirt and moisture

1 Infinitely height-adjustable carrying system
2 tabs for space-saving storage of the pencil case in the lid of the school bag
3 timetable pocket with integrated timetable in the lid of the school bag and in the pencil case
4 main compartment with space for A4 folders and integrated bookcase
5 Name / Address field in the front pocket

1 position adjustment strap for positioning the satchel close to the back of the child
2 strap end suspension Fixation of the strap ends for individual weight relief
3 adjustable and ergonomic shoulder straps
4 Easy Elastic Backing System Ultralight elastic fiberglass back construction hugs the back
5 Ergonomically curved back with breathable back padding
6 Removable, height-adjustable chest strap
7 Padded, detachable hip fin for centering the satchel on the back of the child 8. Stable bottom plate for protection against dirt and moisture

Our model SPACE is available as a 5-piece satchel set and consists of:

  • satchel
  • MAGIC MAGS (3-piece set)
  • Pencil case, fully stocked:
  • 7 Jumbo color markers
  • 12 color markers
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 step by step ruler
  • 1 step by step triangle ruler
  • 1 step by step double sharpener
  • Small pencil
  • Shoe bag
37 cm
28 cm
20 cm
1.250 kg
20 Liter
school backpack
4 years
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