List of products by brand SPIRIT

SPIRIT our new manufacturer of school backpacks, school desks and more.

How the time flies. Yesterday, our kids were still crawling around and today is going to school soon.

Of course, the new beginners need the right school desk and school backpack with the right accessories.

We got to know SPIRIT at a trade fair and were able to convince ourselves of the products and thus the quality and price / performance.

This has even convinced us that we would like to introduce you to this large selection of school supplies in our online shop in the Children under School category.

We attach great importance to quality, but the price should be fair and not too high.

The selection includes the following categories:

  • Kindergarten backpack
  • School backpacks, school desk and sets for the 1 - 3 class
  • School backpacks from the 4 class
  • Sports bags
  • pencil case
  • Schlamperetuis
  • School backpack with wheels

Convince yourself of the great motives and offer of SPIRIT.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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