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Whether briefcase, laptop bags, business trolley, writing folders or Wallets : If also waiting for you the next meeting in another city or even in another country You of course a first-class business suitcase. This must have many Features. Not only the comfort and the good layout, but also the design play an important role. In our online shop you can buy and have cheap business suitcases Thereby the choice between the most different variants and models. Thus, the right one is guaranteed Business suitcase for every requirement.

Exclusive Business Suitcase - The Best Choice for Your Business Travel

Although all important documents and a chic outfit should not be missing during a business meeting, Nevertheless, it depends on the right piece of luggage. In our online shop you can do business Buying suitcases at a low price while taking full advantage of our high quality models enjoy. The business suitcases you receive in this category basically in the most diverse Species.

For example, you have the choice between a classic briefcase , Laptop Bags , Business Backpacks , Pilot's suitcases , Shoulder Bags for Your Tablet as well Purses and purses. Each model is in a particularly stylish and elegant Design. This is timeless and will accompany you successfully for a long time.

A piece of luggage in the form of a briefcase is usually sufficient for the daily trip to the office. If you want to buy a business suitcase, in which not only important documents, but If you also find clothing, shoes or your notebook, you can look for a practical and stylish Business Trolley decide. Not just for the sporty business traveler, but for example Laptop bags or laptop backpacks are also particularly suitable for visiting trade fairs Bag. In this way, you always carry your mobile office with you and have both hands free.

You can then grab a briefcase or a briefcase if you have a business suitcase want to buy, which is very elegant. A briefcase is not only shapely, but great also suitable as hand luggage for business travel . Should you be on business for longer Be on the go, meet in our online shop on numerous pilot cases. Also in this you can Store your business documents, your notebook, travel essentials and your clothing elegantly.

Business Suitcase buy cheap - first class quality in the online shop

Every business suitcase you receive with us has a first class quality as well high quality. We carry exclusively renowned manufacturers and Brands, which offer you sturdy and smooth zippers, high-quality wheels, an elegant Upper and an easy-to-handle linkage.

If you also want to buy a business suitcase conveniently and easily online, you are at We are exactly right. Both consultation and pickup are in our stationary store in Kloten possible. Our experts not only advise you in detail and comprehensively, but also You also have numerous warranty and repair services on your business luggage.

For orders before 16:00, you will receive free shipping on the same day on your product. You want to buy a business suitcase and need it as soon as possible? Then you can choose in our online shop also an optional express delivery, so your Shipment is also delivered on Saturday.

Tips for your flight

Not only low-cost airlines, but also other airlines charge high fees for the subsequent Giving up to large or heavy carry-ons. No wonder then that the overview can be lost quickly. Although the World Aviation Association IATA determines one Standard size for carry-on luggage, yet this recommendation is not for the 264 member lines binding. For example, it was suggested that the allowed size of hand luggage be 55 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm should be reduced.

If you also want to travel with your business suitcase, you can roughly get a few Orient rules of thumb. In Economy Class usually only a piece of hand luggage is allowed - such Example a briefcase, a backpack or a trolley. You are allowed to carry your business suitcase in First Class or Business Class, on the other hand, usually take it easy.

Buy a business suitcase with us and travel efficiently and elegantly to your next one Meeting!