Affenzahn children's backpacks

Affenzahn children's garden backpack

What makes the Affenzahn children's backpacks so special?

Affenzahn children's backpacks are the best companions through the kindergarten day. They not only offer enough space for a lunch box and drinking bottle, but of course also for your favorite cuddly toy. Thanks to the size and height adjustable carrying system and the chest strap, these backpacks offer an ergonomic fit and can be adjusted to the size of kindergarten children. Shoulder straps and back are very well padded to make wearing them as comfortable as possible. Our backpacks are made especially light, because toddlers should never carry more than 10% of their own weight on their backs. The reflectors allow the children to be seen well in the dark. Many compartments ensure order, the buckles are easy to open even for small children's hands. Thanks to the robust material and the dirt and water-repellent surface, the Affenzahn children's backpacks have a long lifespan. They are produced conscientiously and in an environmentally friendly manner. Last but not least, the beautiful design with animal faces and tongue makes the Affenzahn children's backpacks so popular with children. The Affenzahn animal motifs make these backpacks true friends of your children!

Do you know the difference between the little and the big friend?

The Big Friend, with its eight liter capacity, is about twice as big as the Little Friend. Furthermore, the Big Friends (kindergarten backpacks) from Affenzahn have some other features for playing (Velcro paws) as well as additional pockets (flexible front pocket, outside pockets, treasure pockets) for storing various things.

We recommend the Little Friend at the age of 1-3 and the Big Friend at the age of 3-5. Preschool children also like to take the preschool bag with them to kindergarten, music school or 1st class - you can already feel like a school child with it.

What materials are used in Affenzahn backpacks?

Fabrics are made from 50% recycled PET bottles. The Little Friend uses three PET bottles, the Big Friend even uses six PET bottles. Harmful chemicals are avoided during the production process.