ergobag school backpacks

Ergobag with innovative school backpacks

The back of the children was combined and developed from mountain sports! Everything backpack trekking bags should now be able to do with a school backpack. All ergobag school bags are built on the principle of optimal load distribution, which has proven itself in professional hiking.

Award from the IGR

Ergonomic and suitable for use

The school backpacks by ergobag are not only ergonomic. The fitness for use has also been tested and approved - and by proven experts from the IGR (a nationwide association working under the motto "We strengthen your back" consisting of physicians, physiotherapists, scientists, employees of company health management, government officials or product developers) ,


The school backpacks are made from 100% recycled PET bottles. This type of production protects the environment enormously.


With exchangeable Kletties the ergobag can be changed at any time to your whim.

Safety through visibility

Ergobag school bags are equipped with many high-quality reflectors. In addition, fluorescent zip panels in four bright colors ensure even better and faster visibility on the road.